✿✿✿Dear Daisy coming June 3rd✿✿✿

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✿ Dear Daisy will be a fun quick read.✿  It’s a Young Adult Romance, that deals with misunderstandings and growing pains.✿

✿ I need to take a break from all the ‘heavy’ writing and this is my way. ✿ Just relaxing with something sweet.✿


GR: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28637092-dear-daisy


Despite giving advice to teenagers on her blog, Dear Daisy, fourteen-year-old Grace McCoy soon realizes that things are easier said than done, and that she might be in over her head.


When the popular guy at school, heartthrob Jeremiah Lakes, starts asking advice from Dear Daisy, Grace is tempted to ‘guide’ him in her direction.


Does she really want all her firsts to be with her best friend Cooper? After all, they made a promise to each other … breaking that promise might mean losing their friendship of four years.


✿ #DearDaisy ✿ #YA ✿ #Romance ✿ #TEEN ✿ #Quirky ✿ #Fun ✿ #TBR ✿  #ComingSoon ✿ #pdf1 ✿ #GrowingPains ✿

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